To view the details of a specific ISACC Plenary, please select the specific link below. As a note, ISACC was formerly known as the Telecommunications Standards Advisory Council of Canada (TSACC), so this name will appear in all documents older than 2005.

These links will include the agenda, minutes of the meeting, all available presentations and associated documents.

ISACC 48th Plenary (May 2013)
ISACC 47th Plenary (November 2012)
ISACC 46th Plenary (May 2012)
ISACC 45th Plenary (May 2011)
ISACC 44th Plenary (November 2010)
ISACC 43rd Plenary (May 2010)
ISACC 42nd Plenary (March 2010)
ISACC 41st Plenary (November 2009)
ISACC 40th Plenary (April 2009)
ISACC 39th Plenary (September 2008)
ISACC 38th Plenary (January 2008)
ISACC 37th Plenary (March 2007)
ISACC 36th Plenary (October 2006)
ISACC 35th Plenary (March 2006)
ISACC 34th Plenary (October 2005)
ISACC 33rd Plenary (March 2005)
ISACC 32nd Plenary (October 2004)
ISACC 31st Plenary (March 2004)
ISACC 30th Plenary (October 2003)
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