Plenary: ISACC 41st
Date: Thursday November 5, 2009

The major theme of this plenary was Next Generation Networks (NGN) - Progress to Date and Evolution.

The 41st Plenary of the ICT Standards Advisory Council of Canada (ISACC) was held on Thursday November 5th, 2009 at the National Arts Centre, 53 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

Presentations on our theme were given by John Curran - ARIN; Yves Poppe - Tata Communications; Mark Blake - Axia NetMedia Corporation; Ali El-Haraki - TELUS Communications; Art Reilly - Cisco USA; John Weigelt - Microsoft Canada; Jacob Glick - Google Canada; Dragan Nerandzic - Ericsson Canada; and others.

ISACC 41st Plenary - AGENDA

Item Title/Filename Presenter Organization
1.0 Opening and Welcome
1.1 Approval of Agenda
Jim MacFie ISACC Chair
1.2 Approval of ISACC 40th Minutes
Jim MacFie ISACC Chair
1.3 Industry Canada Opening Remarks Helen McDonald Industry Canada
2.0 IPv6 Strategy
2.1 Internet Addressing for Next Generation Networks
John Curran ARIN
2.2 IPv6 Way Forward for Canada
Yves Poppe Tata Communications
2.3 Discussion on IPv6 Task Group next steps ISACC Members  
3.0 Next Generation Networks (NGN) - Progress to Date and Evolution
3.1 Open Access Next Generation Networks: Axia's Approach and Experience
Mark Blake Axia NetMedia Corporation
3.2 NGN Progress to Date and Evolution
Ali El-Haraki Telus Communications
3.3 Evolving the Network to Address User and Service Providers Needs
Art Reilly Cisco USA
3.4 Advanced Technologies Putting Next Generation Networks to Use
John Weigelt Microsoft Canada
3.5 The Unified Theory of Everything (in Communication Policy)
Jacob Glick Google Canada
3.6 Next Generation Networks - Challenges and Opportunities
Dragan Nerandzic Ericsson Canada
3.7 Discussion on NGN standards issues, lessons learned, next steps ISACC Members  
4.0 Update on Standards Activities
4.1 JTC1 Plenary Report
John Hopkinson TCIT Chair
4.2 Global Standards Collaboration - GSC-14 ISACC Delegation Report
Jim Macfie ISACC Chair
5.0 Other Business
5.1 Next Meeting Jim Macfie ISACC Chair
5.2 Close of the 41st ISACC Plenary Jim Macfie ISACC Chair
Draft Summary Record of the 41st Meeting
ISACC-09-41001 ISACC

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