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Internet evolution is a topic of extreme importance to the world's economic, social and even political well being. One of the pressing concerns about the existing Internet infrastructure, mainly based on Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), is address space depletion, as a growing number of applications and the expansion of the Internet as a whole demand more and more addresses.

Allowing the Internet to run out of addresses is not an option. Much work has been done to extend the IPv4 deadline, and many view Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) as the natural evolution to IPv4, solving not only the address space issue but also bringing about new features and opportunities to be explored.

At ISACC's 40th Plenary, Ms. Helen McDonald (ISACC Vice-Chair and Assistant Deputy Minister, Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications at Industry Canada) invited the ISACC membership to create a Task Group on IPv6 Deployment in Canada. As discussed at the Plenary, Canada has not taken a leadership role globally in the adoption of IPv6 so far and there is no agreed Canadian view on when and how to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6. There is concern whether this approach will put Canada at a disadvantage in light of initiatives already undertaken in the United States.

ISACC believes the output from this Task Group will be valuable to decision making on this subject, in both industry and government.

The ISACC IPv6 Task Group completed its work on March 16, 2010, during ISACC's 42nd Plenary, when its Final Report was approved.




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