Task Groups

If you have an issue that you believe can be dealt with by ISACC, you may submit a proposal to the ISACC Executive Committee through the ISACC Secretariat. Your submission will be reviewed by the Executive Committee to determine if it is an area in which ISACC members can participate. To assist the Executive Committee in its deliberations, you are requested to supply the following information:

a. Explanation of the Issue - what is the issue you wish to have addressed and what specifically needs to be resolved;
b. Abstract of the Issue - why you believe that input from ISACC will assist in the resolution;
c. Representative Stakeholder Expectation - in terms of representation, what type of stakeholders would you like to see respond to the issue; and,
d. Timeframe for Response - what is the reasonable timeframe for the deliberations and when do you expect to receive input from ISACC.

All issues addressed to ISACC will be posted to the public website, http://www.isacc.ca, whether they are dealt with immediately or not. Please remember that our resources are limited, however, we will give your submission every consideration.

To submit an issue to the Secretariat please send your request to isacc-cccnt@ic.gc.ca.



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